Where to Find Vintage and Retro Clothing in Davidson County, Tennessee

Are you on the hunt for vintage and retro clothing in Davidson County, Tennessee? Look no further! There are several amazing boutiques that specialize in vintage and retro styles. Vintage Star Struck, located on 604 Gallatin Ave, is a store that has been around since 2003. They offer a carefully curated selection of vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, and household items for both men and women. Pink Glitter is another great thrift boutique that specializes in new and almost new clothing, shoes, and accessories for women and girls. All proceeds from the store are donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Pink Glitter also helped launch Sew For Hope, which provides sewing training to refugees from Central Tennessee through in-store classes. OMG is another great option for vintage shoppers in Nashville. Located on 12th South Street, this quaint showcase is filled with vintage treasures. From flashy garments to knickknacks, OMG has it all.

The selection of jackets and coats is particularly impressive. Although the store doesn't have a sign yet, it's definitely worth a visit.

Lauren Parker
Lauren Parker

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